Topic: Would you like 3D games on a virtual console?

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I interviewed the friendly guys over at Nnooo today, and Nic mentioned something that I admit I hadn't thought about - that should there be a virtual console on the 3DS, it would be relatively easy to make those retro games 3D.

Assuming the game itself remained the same, would you shell out to buy a retro game if it was 3D-ified? I know I probably would.


sounds pretty gimmicky to me, so i doubt i'd buy a Virtual Handheld game solely because it's in 3D. It'd have to be a game i would've wanted to buy without it anyway.

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It wouldn't work. Honestly.

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StarFox wrote:

It wouldn't work. Honestly.

If they were to have something similar to the classics they showed at E3 I think it could absolutely work. I believe that they should make a virtual console on 3DS with 3D upgrades to all the games. I someone didnt like the 3D-ness they could just turn the slider down and then the game would look just like it normally is supposed to.

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