Topic: What will your first 3DS game purchase be?

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Paper Mario

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irken004 wrote:

It'd be hard to make a prediction on which game to purchase when we don't even know what will be available at launch...

I predict a whole new forum topic getting made whenever the launch titles are named.

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I'm really hoping for Ocarina of Time as a launch title, but in every interview about it they make it sound like it's a long way from completion. Other than that, Kid Icarus Uprising is an obvious one.

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I'm would like to buy Kid Icarus:Uprising. I've never heard or seen Pit before until I saw him in Super Smash Bros:Brawl.

I'm also looking forward to buy Zelda:Ocarina of Time. I'm just a big fan of Zelda and Link as you can see by my icon, and what makes me really excited its not cartoony as Phantom Hour Glass, also you will be able to ride a HORSE! My friend and I are really excited about that.

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The 3D behind the games stands for the development name. As you can see doa 3d got renamed to doa dimension, and some other games are renamed as well which i cant remember. Oh yea, metal gear solid 3d, got its own name now too. dunno what it is exactly.
this explains the huge amount of games with 3D behind them. So they easely know where somebody is talking about. And it keeps stuff secret too.

Anyway , i always hoped for a n64 zelda oot remake on the DS, it never happened it pissed me off. Now with the 3DS, zelda Oot in 3D.

i will buy it 2x if not 4x lol.

this my list
1) zelda oot 3d
2) zelda oot 3d
3) zelda oot 3d
4) zelda oot 3d

/ serieus mode

1) zelda oot 3D
2) metal gear solid or resident evil ( which one looks the best ), while the 3D is stunning of metal gear solid, Re has insane graphics. so it really depends on.
3) a fighter game : either Doa dimension or street fighter 4, Depends on which one looks the best. as for now it will be DOA dimensions.
4) While kid iracus looked promising, i just dont know what i can think about the game. if its somekind of zelda type game. or a fast shooter. I will wait some reviews, and maybe if they provide me from a demo i will give it a try. Otherwise i would just go for kingdom hearts if that one gets released anytime near the launch date.
5) well some are announced but no info yet, final fantasy or bloodrayne

other games then that will have to wait a year .



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