Topic: What will your first 3DS game purchase be?

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From space to the land of Hycrule, the 3DS continues to send gamers into massive worlds that spark the imaginations of countless people worldwide. What's your favorite 3DS game shown, and why?

I love Kid Icarus: Uprising because Pit hasn't had his own game since the days of yore, and the quality surpasses most of the other shown games at E3. Pit also gets to say ridiculous things, one of which occurs when he is fighting a giant cerberus-type monster (essentially a three-headed dog). During the fight, he yells, "Bark like a dog!"


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Hopefully Paper Mario if its a launch title (crosses fingers)

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The Ocarina of Time.

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What ever title is most appealing to me that is available at the time I am able to purchase a 3DS. That's what my first 3DS purchase will be.

Right now though, I'm most looking forward to Kid Icarus, but that's probably most of the games haven't gotten trailers.I'm sure there are plenty of games I'd be more interested in if I could see them in motion.

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1. Kid Icarus
2. Paper Mario
3. Mario Kart

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Even though the details a thin, REsident Revelations gets my money just because I always had a blast with the past games excluding all the spin off titles and RE5 which I have yet to play. Here's hoping it plays like RE1-3 or 4 and not a motion sensing on-rails shooter because resident evil is all about the action, suspense and logic.

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I'm pretty excited about Kid Icarus

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None, Im waiting for the really good games come out then I'll get it!

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I'm also anticipating purchasing Kid Icarus. If I have enough money set aside and the games of which I desire to purchase are available.

Okay so here is my line up:

Most Wanted Day 1 Purchases:

1. Paper Mario

2. Kid Icarus

3. Animal Crossing 3DS

4. Pilot Wings Resort.

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If I do get the 3DS I honestly don't know if I'll get any games. lol
I've grown so very tired of rebuying repackaged Nintendo products even if they are 3D.
I'm not a fan of shooters so that counts Kid Icarus out...I guess maybe Pilot Wings Wuho Edition or whatever...But I'm sure there might be some good third party games.
Either way we all know the first round of games will be pretty crap compared to what will come out 3-6 months after the system is released.



1. Kid Icarus.
2. Mario Kart 3D
3. Paper Mario
4. Resident Evil: Revelations

Honestly, I'm the most excited for RE: Revaltions, But it's obviously more fiiting to start off with a Nintendo franchise first.



Kid Icarus
Paper Mario
Mario Kart
Im guessing this will be launch titles, well hoping. A shooter/adventure(Kid ic) An adventure rpg (paper mario) and a racer (mario kart). Then I will be set....but damn, so many games that are going to come out for the many I want...

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bboy2970 wrote:

Hopefully Paper Mario if its a launch title (crosses fingers)

I couldn't agree more. (Just beat Paper Mario TTYD like 1 hour ago!) If this isn't a launch title, I am getting Mario Kart 3DS. If thats not a launch title, then who knows.

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Might be paper mario if its the launch title, might be since mario kart has been made for Wii and DS already......Kindom Hearts, Ocarina of Time.


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kid icarus or paper mario



kid icarus
resident evil



Kid Icarus, Starfox, or Paper Mario.

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Wow, we have a bunch of faves here.


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