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Look at your 3DS and tell me if your top screen has slightly more yellow whites than the bottom one. I have noticed this while playing Pokemon White and was wondering if this is only a issue with my console. If anyone can try this, when the game bootups both screen go blank and there the difference is quite noticeable, but I've yet to notice it on 3DS games.

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Considering it's two different types of screens altogether, it would kinda make sense that the colors may or may not be a tad different from one another IMO. that said, i've been playing Okamiden today (which boots up to plain white screens featuring the capcom/nintendo logos) and if anything i think the touchscreen might be a bit more yellow than the top screen.

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Actually thats EXACTLY what is written in the manual that the colors are different on the screens !
And yes colors look weird from DS games on the touchscreen ....
of course they are its different tech ...

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Thanks for pointing that out. I skimmed the manual when I got the console, will read it later.

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