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'K so it goes like this:

I played the PS3 demo of LSWIII and it was totally amazing. Has anyone laid hands on the 3DS one or seen a trailer of what is for sure the 3DS version? I'm not convinced by the trailer on Nintendo's site. Any actual gameplay footage?

If it has all of the content of the PS3 version even if it doesn't look as good that would be awesome, but is it another watered-down handheld entry like previous DS LSW games? Thanks.

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I played it for a very brief amount of time. It looks really good, it's hard to directly compare to the trailer but the lighting is really, really good and the game looks very smooth. I think the LEGO style is one that works really with the 3DS hardware design.

I also do believe that it's exactly the same game with a few possible differences(Game Coins, lacks online?).

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It uses a different engine from the console versions. I've heard that it's an upgraded version of the PSP engine, but I don't know whether that's true or not. There's also a preview for it on GameSpot.

I've got it preordered, by the way, lol.

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I've seen nothin but positive things about it on the 'net. Seems pretty safe to me, and I need a game that has a ton of crap you can do in it. I'll be picking up SSFIV too. :3



Hmmm, certainly doesn't merely look like a 3D version of the DS game. I'm maintaining this on my pre-order list.

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@Od: I do too, but I got a bro who's goin' in half on a few things, so I have a little extra to spend. :3



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