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I am still a bit confused about the whole region locking issue. I understand that 3DS reatail games are region locked: You can only play European games on European devices, American games on American devices, etc. But what about my old DS retail games. Can I play my American Kirby canvas curse on a European 3DS? And how can I see that a 3DS retail game is from my region? I guess we won't have PAL and NTSC on the 3DS, so there must be another way to see if a game is from my region. I did send Nintendo a email, but didn't get a proper answer. Have you guys any idea?



Yes old DS games aren't region locked so they'll work fine on any region 3DS. On the cover for the 3DS games there should be a picture of the rating board that rated the game. I believe for Europe it's something like Pegi. I'm not from Europe so I'm not one to know,but here in America the rating board is ESRB. That should be a way of telling where it's from.


if you see Pegi or USK its from europe theres an easy way to find that out esrb does not use nubers for their rating youl see a big T,M,AO on usa games with pegi youll see 6+,12+ ect and USk is easy to know theres a number and the rating has a color Red 18+,16+ blue 12+=green
for eg this is a german sims 3 packshot

and this is the us packshot

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the region lock does not apply to normal DS titles. it only applies to DSi/3DS retail and downloadable titles. your NA copy of Canvas Curse will play fine on your 3DS.

As for telling whether a game is for your region or not, the packaging will be different, as will the rating — ESRB rates games for NA, PEGI for EU, CERO for JP, and i think AUS has their own ratings board as well.

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Thanks guys! I had never thought about the rating boards. That way it's easy to see from wich region the game is.

"it only applies to DSi/3DS retail and downloadable titles"

You mean DS retail games with DSi features, such as Art academy? Well, there are only a few of them and I don't plan to buy those anyway.



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