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Just Pilotwings Resort right now


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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars (bundled with the system which I picked up on the cheap)
The Sims 3
Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition
Nintendogs + Cats : Toy Poodle and New Friends

If it were released at launch in Australia, I probably would have picked up Pilotwings Resort as well. I'd also like a real world racing game, however, Ridge Racer and Asphalt appear to have been rushed in order to make the launch deadline, so I'm hesitant to settle for a racing game that's lacking in content seeing as I'll probably only be buying one real world racer throughout the 3DS' lifespan.

Over time, I'm looking forward to getting my grubby little mitts on...

Dead or Alive: Dimensions
Mario Kart 3DS
Resident Evil: The Mercenaries
Resident Evil: Revelations
The Sims 3: Unleashed
Animal Crossing
Kid Icarus: Uprising

Nothing else is really springing to mind at the moment.

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Just got myself ghost recon, 2nd hand so no box I'm afraid. pretty cool game tho

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Pilotwings Resort, Steel diver, and am working on getting the cash for Cubic Ninja,
So far, I like Steel Diver the best.

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nintendogs + cats Golden Retriever


Hoping to get Ocarina of Time, Paper Mario, Pilotwings, Professor Layton, and SSFIV.

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EDIT: With my review scores.

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ridge racer very fun 8/10 needs online multiplayer
pilotwings best game i own 10/10
ss4 great3d great online 9/10
dont regret buying 3DS or these games
looking forward to
mario kart
hoping for 3d version sm64 with updated graphics



Right now I only own Pilotwings Resort and Nintendogs + Cats: French Bulldog and Friends. Pilotwings is amazing, if extremely difficult in spots. I like Nintendogs but I find it difficult to earn money. My dog just refuses to win competitions. *shrug

In the coming months, though, I will have:

Ocarina of Time 3D
Animal Crossing
Kid Icarus
Super Mario
Paper Mario
Mario Kart.

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ok so, so far i have:
Street fighter
pilot wings
samurai warriors (2 copies one for me and one for the bf)
steel diver
super monkey ball
i think thats all atm

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Super Monkey Ball 3D. Planning on getting Rabbids Travel Through Time or that Bust-a-Move Universe.. shame it got delayed for this long (especially in England). The EU can wait, the US and UK both speak English right?



All I have is; Pilotwings Resort

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Here's my big collection:
Pilotwings resort

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abgar wrote:

Isn't it a little too soon to even have a 3DS game collection?

Good point. The dang thing just came out, and I only have one game.

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Super Street Fighter IV and Rayman 3D

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