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Ok so now that the new pokemon is announced, which do you prefer, Pokemon X Y graphics or the pokedex 3D graphics for the pokemans.

here's a comparison:


i like the pokemon x and y models personally, but i wish they are a bit sharper. so blocky and colours a bit pale (altho it could be because of lighting)

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The game is still in a prototype phase. Nintendo knows fans will kill then if they didn't touch up the final product. That said, the cel-shade will probably be the final design choice.

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I like the X and Y look better personally.

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X and Y looks much better to me. Never liked the 3D graphics in any of the games post-GameCube because they just didn't feel like Pokémon. I think that the cel-shaded style emulates the TV show well, which I like, because I always thought that felt very much like Pokémon's style.
And all 3DS games tend to look horrible when they aren't on the system, so I'm sure the graphics are final but just look much worse on our computers/tablets/phones/violins. Look at Kid Icarus: Uprising- it looks really, really choppy in the screenshots, but it's arguably better looking than some console games in practice.

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I really like the cell-shaded look. It just seems more natural for a Pokémon game. I just hope they clear up the rough edges a little bit, especially on the overworld, because this looks like a DS game.

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