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Hi everyone. I need some help getting a Pokemon... Does anyone here on the forums have a Deoxys on their Black and White version that is not action replayed? Is that how you spell it(Deoxys)? The only way you could have gotten it was around 2003 from an event at GameStop. This is the ONLY Pokemon my brother is missing out of all the Pokemon ever. We promise we will trade it right back, we just want it on the Pokedex recorded as caught. If this thread belongs somewhere more appropriate, please let me know. We only need Deoxys, and use this thread if you need to. Thank you!


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I think you can just catch him in Fire Red version

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While, i don't have one in black/white/black 2/white 2, the last event was in 2011 or 2012 at gamestop. There was a video that everyone of the comments said actually worked to get deoxys in platinum but i can't find it anymore or remember the steps.

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Our Pokemon 5th gen trading/battle thread is here if you'd like to try drumming up some business, SCAR392. Enjoy! :3

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