Topic: Pokemon Home Console Style?

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They need to make a console game that emulates the GBA games in proggression.


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The gameplay of the DS versions combined with 3D would be enough for me. With that I do not mean like Colosseum, but a REAL Pokémon RPG. I am starting to lose all hope we'll ever see such a game though. I'd love to play such a game on Wii.

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Roopa132 wrote:

I think I know what you mean by 3rd person you mean the 3rd person in 3D (the N64 kind of 3D, kinda annoying that you have to add this nowadays they should invent another name for one of the 3Ds) like most Grand Theft Auto or Zelda games. Pokémon games at the moment are bird's eye or top down view.

Also since Pokemon Black and White is generation V I don't see why people think it's too early to talk about generation VI on the 3DS.
Also I'd love it if in fights all the crap like the HP, Pokémon names etc. are on the bottom screen and the top screen shows Pokémon Stadium-like fights with 3D (the N64-kind) models.

this is exactly what i meant



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