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How silly is that.

I would rather have green or even blue.

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Barbiegurl777 wrote:

I like the color pink but not light pink I like hot pink which is a darker color pink. Plus I wanted to see either the Animal Crossing 3ds xl come to NA or the pikachu 3ds xl either one would be nice.

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good idea,i prefer the charizard 3DS XL over the Pikachu one, though

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i'd be happy if we got a pokemon themed one. but i highly doubt it. Maybe they will have a pokemon 3DS XL bundle when they release the new main Pokemon game for the 3DS

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because I edited the rest of the thread to remove the slur you had commented on. your comment made no sense without it, so I deleted it — TBD

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Pink with a white inside? If it was just another outside color I would buy it... I hate the black insides on the current XL.

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