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After doing some online reading about this issue and various people's reactions to it, I have determined that most people are FAR more stupid and insensitive about this problem than the NLife userbase. I suppose that's usually the case in general, but I had forgotten because this particular issue feels far more personal than most to me.

Anyway, that's not the main point of this post. I saw some more recommendations for the thylus, and decided to give it a try (mostly because it's cheap). I'll try it out with various DS games and post my findings here. It won't excuse Nintendo's overlooking this issue, but it may yet alleviate the problem nonetheless.

EDIT @TBD: The stupid ones are the ones who refused to understand how there could POSSIBLY be a problem for lefties to hold the stylus in our right hands. There was a LOT of that going on on GoNintendo, but not really so much here. Why lock a thread for my (admittably awkward) THANKS to this community?

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@Stuffo: you need to chill, man -- 'insensitive' is one thing, but calling people 'stupid' is another. you haven't even had a chance to play the thing and you're already frothing at the mouth about it. feel free to start a new thread regarding the thylus once you've given it a try.

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