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Do you guys think Nintendo will change the look of the onlin again? Like, It's totally fine with me now but I don't mind a redo.
I know no one really knows... lol so let this be like predicting.

Btw Hitomi kicks arse from Dead or Alive

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They probably will redo everything. I'm okay with that though.

And you are right , Hitomi Does kick "arse"

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Yeah I was wondering that too with the new announcements. Honestly I would be fine with that. Especially with the eShop. I really don't like the way it's set up at the moment. I know there's not a lot up compared to other services yet, but it's still not easy to discover new games on your own.

I think I might try to terminate my account. I'm not cut out for posting on forums lol


I like it right now. But, I can't wait to see how it could get any better. System-wide achievements/trophies, Mii apparel (8-bit Mario shirt), system-wide communities, detailed eShop reviews, longer Friend List messages, more customizable Home Menu, and more.


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