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Hi guys!! I will try write my best English, so, sorry if i dont write very well.

First of all, today i bought my first Nintendo console - 3DS XL. I'm really excited to test some games like Pokemon, Mario, Zelda and a lot more!!
But first, i'm having problems with wi fi connection! From what i read, this model is not compatible with some types of internet (sorry if i dont understand much about this ), so i need to change in my router! The main question is: What the difference between WEP, WPS, and things like that ?? And, what i need to choose ?? I already tried put it without any password, but still give me error

Other question is about games, but is better asking in other topic ??



Just use default security type. WPA2 should be fine. Any of them should work afaIk.

Make sure your SSID is 10 characters or less with no spaces or special characters. And 2.4ghz (don't think 3DS supports 5Ghz).

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It asks me for "IP Server RADIUS WPA". What is that ??



@JaxonH thank you, too for that list. Will get my first 3DS next month with the release of Samus Returns really handy for me.



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