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Holy French Fries. I miss this game. I have not even hunted yet and the looks just appeals to me.

EDIT: Man, using gunlance is hard against him. I find the GS to be a much better choice for him.

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I used a water (or is raging weaker to ice) sword and shield against him last I beat him solo. Excellent for mounts as well, besides the great speed and element damage the SnS boasts.

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Hello Nintendo family, i am playing MH4U on New Nintendo 3DS XL (SNES edition), but i have purchased digital download and not cartridge. Friend of mine have cartridge and everything is the same except those intro monster videos i don't see, maybe i switched on/off option somewhere? I also downloaded DLC pack.

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@Joeynator3000 Wow, another GL main! Woot!

(I haven't played this in a week or so.....I need to get back to it, but I'm never in the mood for the high stress, high adrenaline of MH when I can chill with Starlink, Nier, and Elder Scrolls Online. )



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