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hey guys i knew the issue around the islamic chant in legend of zelda oot ( n64 ) and it was edited after without islamic chants but gametrailers website said that nintendo removed it not due to muslim community criticism and said that the proof is the date of game is made through the cartridge ( analyzed it through a way i didn't understand ) .

what do you think guys because me as a muslim guy am feeling sad if that true because religions are sensitive issues and as a huge nintendo fan since childhood i will be depressed if what gametrailers said is true

and plz guys don't attack islam or involve it in a bad way



According to the Zelda Wiki OoT article, at least, it seems that all builds of the game were completed before the original release date, meaning that the version with the islamic-sounding chant and the version(s) without it were all created before there could possibly have been any kind of outcry and demands for alteration. It's just a wiki, though, and it doesn't provide any kind of outside source for the info, so believe what you will. If you want some kind of official response, your best bet would be contacting Nintendo proper to see what they have to say.

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