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Mon 21st Feb 2011

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omar92 commented on Talking Point: What If Nintendo Became a Third...:

why every website is saying nintedno is doomed , i don't think they are doomed at all
1) look at their success for ds and ii, first it got them more fanbase and a huge profit and capital
2) when sega stopped making consoles they were going to be bankrupted , from what i remember they made about 2 or 3 consoles everyone about 2 or 3 years life cycle so people lost faith in sega and here is a video for dreamcast story
3) i know nintendo has a disaster called * LACK OF THIRD PARTY SUPPORT * but look at the wii-u at e3 it was about 3rd party titles even if they are ports that's a good sign ( btw i have a friend who is a sony fan and he told me that he was happy that all of the wii-u appear at e3 was 3rd party because that was what nintendo needed they have a lot of 1st party titles and people know that they will arrive without doubt )
4) most of my friends who buy ps3 are buying it for 3rd party titles not 1st party titles, and yes a lot of them know uncharted and other games but they prefer 3rd party titles. so imagine what will happen to nintendo consoles if they embraced 3rd party titles>>> a gaming heaven

sry if i made a long statement but i am pissed with all those dooming articles, and excuse me for my english am an egyptian