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The only franchise they listed that I even care about is Zelda, also needs more Wario!



Funny, that's the 2 I don't care too much about!

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That mock-up of Majora's Mask 3D looks nice. I would really hope Nintendo decides to make it someday. I would love to see new games in the F-Zero and Star Fox franchises but I'm not holding my breath. A new Yoshi's Island (Land, whatever) would be great for me as long as it's nothing like Yoshi's Story.

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@Reala Yeah! Where's Wario?! I don't care for Mario kart actually, Since that blue shield there's no fun anymore. I wish they were more like Super Cicruit

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Where's Donkey Kong? That's way more important than some of those listed like Kid Icarus.

And the status of the Wario franchise would be interesting, although my guess would be 'mostly dead'.

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