Topic: 3DS friend list message censoring weirdness?

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Oh, but can write your facebook address. Complete with .com/myname. I've seen it.

Meowph, that's right!

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This actually reminds me of when my parents got this thing called a "TV Guardian" which blocked out the bad words and replaced them with text (I was little at the time but already knew several bad words, so it was pretty pointless). Sometimes the outcomes were outright hilarious. For example, the word ball(s) changed to hugs for some reason ( I know it can be innuendo, but why change to hugs!?). Also, in the Disney movie Hercules, there is one scene where an unseen rooster crows in the background. The guardian blocked it out and replaced it with "jerk crowing", no joke! XD We (thankfully) got rid of it after about a month because whole chunks of dialogue would be blocked out when technically no curse words were even said...

But anyway, I didn't even know words were blocked on the friends list until now. I'm tempted to go on it and see what can be censored.

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Chris720 wrote:

The stupid thing is, you can't share these things in your Friends List, but oh... I can share it in Swapnote... fail.

That's a good point, there's no way to censor Swapnote...

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Ok you can type hell and it isn't blocked, but therapist is bocked

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"Wii" isn't blocked for me. I've been typing "Wii U" all week. One of my friends gets around blocked phrases by using the 'special letters.' You know, the "e" with a squiggle over it or an "n" with an apostrophe on top.

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