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So.. I'm kinda curious about this game. I don't even know when it became available on the eShop but I just noticed it today.

It seems to be from the same developers of various DSiWares (Has the same overall style of the dsiwares released by gameon and cosmigo) and it looks like a 3D version of these DSiWares combined and expanded with other puzzles.

It claims to have 404 Mahjong layouts, 505 tangram puzzles, 202 variations of solitaire and other stuff.

Anyone here has tried it yet? Any opinions?

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i downloaded this as soon as it was made available on the eshop and i have to say i love it! if u are into card games and puzzle games this to me is the best game out there as its got a lot of games packed into 1 package. not only solitaire games but poker, blackjack, as well as some of my other favs like spades, hearts, canasta, gin rummy, crazy 8's and many more, plus the mahjong, tangram and picture puzzles. i really cant recomend this enough if u r into these kinds of games. i really love this game and find myself playing it daily.

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There are some flaws such as the Poker AI, but so far my activity log is 276:19 into it. I like the Spades game the most, but it's nice to have different or more advanced options. The 202 solitaires each have in-game manuals, and categories, and luck vs skill etc ratings, so they're very easy to get into.

This game was also on GBA and NDS and has minor upgrades such as Miis, 3D, and can choose random for game choice now.



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