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For the past week Best Buy has had a sale on two DS series games, Blazblue and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds: Over the Nexus for $19.99

the last couple of years or so ive been wanting to get back into the games themselves

i know the graphics are still a bit blocky, but the gameplay, features, and amount of cards might make up for it

otherwise, is Over the Nexus a game i should pick up?

(also, i was wondering what people thought about the older games-Nightmare Troubadore,GX Spirit Caller, and the last two 5Ds games-are any of those worth buying as well?

and i also have a few more questions about Blazblue-is this another game worth picking up?

i was watching a few gameplay videos and the gameplay felt a bit slow/lagging (unless the players werent good at the game, but that could be questionable)

is it really that slow, or is it just me?

and it would be nice to get a response on these before the end of the day-this is the last day ill be able to order these at this price

(also, i wasnt sure wether to post this here or the DS board,so i just posted it here)

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