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Hey Guys,
I've had my 3DS XL for a while now but even out of the box the back panel was coming loose where the volume control is. Are they all like this or should I consider getting a new one?


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I find with mine it's easy to unclip the 2 rear bottom corners where the volume and wifi switches are. I have never unclipped them by accident though. On Youtube I have seen videos of units that are far looser than mine. If your unit's bottom panel keeps popping out by itself, I will consider sending it to Nintendo for a repair. Your 3DS XL should still be under warranty. Or switch in store if you are still within the return time frame.

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Yah, mine is loose on the same side as yours... Just don't toy with it too much and it'll be fine.

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I don't think this calls for a repair like @GTWarrior77 said. I'm pretty sure they sell that back panel for $5 + tax + shipping on their online store. Call Nintendo to either buy a new cover or to help you figure out how to fix it without sending it in.

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alittle offtopic here, but just got my 3ds — and it sounds lik ethe volume opn the right speaker is slightly muffeled

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I traded my 3ds xl in due to this problem and downgraded to the midnight purple regrets.



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