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I was never particularly fond of the song limit on my DSi, which was 3000. Is there any info in the manual on the song limit? Likely more? Possibly same? Possibly less?

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Probably just however many you can fit on whatever SD card you use.

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Quoting directly from the manual:

"*In Nintendo 3DS Sound, only music files and folders containing music files on the SD card will be displayed. A maximum of 1,000 folders can be displayed.
*Up to 3,000 music files can be displayed.
*If there are more than 100 music files in a single folder, only the first 100 will be displayed."

Hope that clears everything up!

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to add to NFreak007 good quoting
Plus u can only create eight stages of folders in folders. So only an eight folder tree is allowed.
I hope this is understandable ...

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