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Either the camera man was having a seizure, or he was freaking out over the graphics.
Anyways, looks awesome!



@RandomWiiPlayer: Hahaha I love Scrubs!
But both games do look incredible and I will definitely be getting both.

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Yea i am so mad we have to wait, I cant take it anymore. Im just happy so much news has been coming out each day

To each his own.


RandomWiiPlayer wrote:

pikmaniac02 wrote:

i now believe that the graphics are better than wii.

lol well the graphics might not be technically better than Wii, it's obvious that 3rd parties are pushing it's graphical powers fuirther than they are with the Wii. l


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Daym, Those games (MK3DS especially) are looking pretty solid. I need to earn more for getting a 3ds along with these games. I know that I am hyping the 3ds more than I should, but with games like these, whats stopping you?

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BellGoRiiing wrote:

crosses fingers for a Christmas release Also hoping that Paper Mario is a launch title.

I'm with you on a Christmas 2010 release date, however, I don't think that Paper Mario will be a lauch title, (although I hope it will) it is more than likely that Kid Icarus: Uprising and Star Fox 64 3D will be used as launch titles. I also agree that the 3DS graphics are on par with the Wii for in reality I think that the 3DS is intended to be the handheld version of the Wii as it even has a "Home" button. However, Wired Magazine and say that the Nintendo 3DS graphics are somewere between those of the Wii and iPhone/iPad.

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