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    Review Bird Mania Christmas

    Making holiday travel fun

    We loved Bird Mania 3D. Its superficial simplicity hid a surprising gem of a game that sunk its talons into us and never let go; news of Bird Mania Christmas, as you might expect, got us very excited indeed. The fact that it missed release in time for the holiday is unfortunate, but the game itself is no worse for the...

  • News Nintendo Apologises for Nintendo Network Issues as Full eShop Services Return

    Information on Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter "as soon as possible"

    As most eager Nintendo gamers will be aware, the Nintendo Network suffered extensive problems and downtime on 25th / 26th December, with a gradual but limited return to services — particularly the eShop stores — on 27th / 28th December. It seems that all is now fully up and...

  • News Gunman Clive Sells Quarter Of A Million Copies Across All Formats, "Vast Majority" On 3DS

    Japanese eShop sales have been "very good", too

    Bertil Hörberg — the talented fellow behind the excellent Gunman Clive — has already revealed that the 3DS version of the game has sold better than its smartphone counterparts. However, he now has more good news to share — the game has been downloaded 250,000 times across all formats, with most...

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    Review Banana Bliss: Jungle Puzzles

    A jungle trek that won't break the bank

    Simplicity isn't always a bad thing. Handheld titles are inherently more limited in technical scope than their more advanced home console contemporaries, but that doesn't necessarily make them lesser games. The 3DS eShop has had no shortage of downloadable beauties in 2013, ranging from simple to sublime, and...

  • News Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter Releases Delayed in the West

    Nintendo Network issues cited as the cause

    Boxing Day was an odd day in the world of Nintendo Downloads. Issues with the Nintendo Network continued, while Nintendo disabled Pokémon Bank and withdrew it from the eShop in Japan; it emerged that the launch of the app on 25th December in the company's homeland had contributed to the issues we've...

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    Review Life with Horses 3D

    Say neigh

    Horses are magnificent creatures. Whether humble labourers or prize-winning performers, each is a complex creature that can be both challenging and rewarding to care for and understand. Life with Horses 3D manages to portray the aspect of hard work in raising horses, but puts the whole “rewarding” part out to pasture. Players in the...

  • Nintendo Download 26th December (North America)

    Dr. Luigi, CastleStorm, Pokémon Bank, many discounts and more

    Update: Perhaps unsurprisingly, Nintendo has now confirmed that the release of Pokémon Bank is delayed, contrary to the Download Update issued on Boxing Day. Original Article: Nintendo is yet to update its official press site, but the latest Download Update details have been...

  • News Pokémon Bank Withdrawn From 3DS eShop in Japan as Nintendo Network Issues Continue

    Western release on 27th December in doubt

    Since Christmas Day there have been serious problems with the Nintendo Network, with the big N assuring gamers that its working hard to resolve the issue. At the time of writing various online games are functional, but there are still problems with both eShop platforms and the 3DS version of Miiverse across...

  • Feature A Year in Development - Shin'en Multimedia

    Life in the FAST lane

    In our third Year in Development feature we have a guest article from Shin'en Multimedia's Manfred Linzner. The eShop developer has, over a number of years, forged a reputation for developing high-quality, polished games on Nintendo's download platforms. In this article Linzner summarises the studio's 2013, including surprise...

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    Review Orion's Odyssey

    A little Odyssey

    Island Officials' Kickstarter-funded puzzler Orion's Odyssey is the spiritual successor to Hands On! Tangrams, a fun but one-note title that had solid gameplay but little variety and was severely lacking in presentation. Island Officials has crafted a more polished experience with a charming presentation and story, but with...

  • Nintendo Download 26th December and 2nd January (Europe)

    Storming castles, classic Mario, Pokémon banking, EDGE and much more

    Update: Nintendo of Europe issued details for two full weeks of downloads previously, so a fresh update isn't expected. Please note that Pokémon Bank has been delayed due to the Nintendo Network server issues encountered during the festive season. Original Article: With this...

  • Video Nintendo Minute Chooses Its Top Games of the Year

    All must have games

    Over the past week we've shared a mini series of videos from "Nintendo Minute", a regular YouTube show from Nintendo of America. Its hosts have been shortlisting their favourite 3DS, eShop and Wii U games, and in the final part confirmed each other's top choices. We should think only one guess is required to predict the Wii U...

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    Review Crash 'n the Boys: Street Challenge

    Challenge accepted

    What do you get when you combine the River City Ransom theme with Track and Field-style gameplay? You get Crash 'n the Boys: Street Challenge. The game takes the street gang theme and creates some fitting Olympic-style events to go along with it. It sounds like a mouth-watering proposition, but sadly while the unique urban...

  • Feature A Year in Development - Renegade Kid

    A Q & A with Jools Watsham on 2013

    In the second of our "Year in Development" mini-series, we sit down for a Q & A with Jools Watsham, co-founder and main spokesman for Renegade Kid. We already reported on confirmation of Mutant Mudds Deluxe content as a free update on 3DS, and below is the full manuscript that focuses on the studio's year, from...

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    Review My Style Studio: Hair Salon

    Crimped style

    Remember that toy where you used a magnetic wand to move iron filings over a drawing of a guy’s head, creating hair, moustaches, and eyebrows? My Style Studio: Hair Salon feels a bit like that, except with less personality and sense of joy. The Hair Salon does offer you more options, in certain ways. There are five “customers”...

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    Review Jump Trials Supreme

    Might as well jump!

    On DSiWare, G-Style's Jump Trials games followed in the fleet footsteps of 10 Second Run, providing short bursts of one-track, one-button gameplay with no fuss and few frills; if Super Mario Bros. is an epic platforming poem, Jump Trials is a list of words that rhyme with "cat". There's certainly a place for the simpler things in...

  • Feature A Year in Development - Image & Form

    The SteamWorld Dig developer shares its 2013 experience

    In the first of a mini-series here on Nintendo Life, some of the most respected eShop developers share their experiences of 2013. First up we have Brjann Sigurgeirsson of Image & Form, which brought us the terrific SteamWorld Dig on the 3DS eShop. Below is the studio's 2013, in...

  • News Dreamcast Shooter Radirgy Is Coming To The 3DS eShop In Japan

    Milestone's blaster is due for release in February

    Back in 2005, Japanese developer Milestone Inc. released Radirgy for Sega's NAOMI arcade hardware. This vertically scrolling shooter was subsequently ported to the Sega Dreamcast, and later the Nintendo GameCube and Sony PlayStation 2, where it met with mostly positive reviews. The game is now...

  • News Retro City Rampage Confirmed for Q1 2014 and a Discount Price on 3DS

    The release will also hit Australia and New Zealand

    Retro City Rampage was a welcome slice of anarchic madness on WiiWare, though the flaws of the service and a download userbase long gone blunted the title's impact on Nintendo's system. Nevertheless, it was released on pretty much every other platform, so it was pleasing when the 3DS was confirmed...