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  • Nintendo Download 7th November (North America)

    Wii Sports is back, Toki Tori returns, retro Wario and more

    Arriving later than normal today, we have the Nintendo Download news for all of you gamers in North America. This week serves up a couple of options within Wii Sports Club, while we have the return of a popular WiiWare game, retail options and a number of download-only offerings. Let's get...

  • News Tappingo! Details Puzzle Their Way Into View

    Picross-ing over to the 3DS eShop

    A good while ago the main man behind Goodbye Galaxy Games, Hugo Smits, confirmed that his first 3DS eShop title would be Tappingo, a puzzle title that aims to incorporate popular ideas in a fresh way. The game maker has now been in touch with further details and screenshots, saying the following. Solve pixel art...

  • News Shin Megami Tensei IV DLC Joins Game in 25% eShop Discount Until 11th November

    Don't worry wallets, there are only 11 DLC packs

    Last week's Nintendo Download update for North America brought the news that Atlus was offering a temporary discount on RPG epic Shin Megami Tensei IV, with the price reduced to $39.99 from $49.99; that offer runs until 11th November. The publisher has now confirmed that in-game DLC is also part of...

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    3DS eShop

    Review Arcade Classics 3D

    Six terrible games for the price of one terrible game

    Mini-game collections have always run the quality gamut, but it's fair to say that the numbers are weighted much more heavily towards the negative end of the spectrum. For every Game & Watch Gallery there's a seemingly infinite number of Chuck E. Cheese's Arcade Rooms. So if we really wanted...

  • Nintendo Download 7th November (Europe)

    Wii Sports returns, Layton's legacy, Olympics, Batman and much more

    The download details for Europe arrived a little later than usual this week, possibly because it's a rather lengthy release list. We have high profile retail games on Wii U and 3DS, along with some interesting download-only options and discounts both permanent and temporary. There's...

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    Review Angry Bunnies

    Rotten egg

    Whenever a new game, franchise or genre becomes mega-successful, countless similar titles and rip-offs are bound to emerge. Rovio's now-iconic Angry Birds series is one of the most successful mobile franchises of all time, and for good reason — the simple, physics-based gameplay is quick and addictive, the birds and pigs have...

  • Video This IronFall Tech Demo is Rather Impressive

    Hopefully the game itself will match up well

    Recently we've brought you some coverage of IronFall, a third-person shooter from developer VD-Dev that's making its way to the 3DS eShop. It's a project with plenty of ambition, including a goal of running at a silky smooth 60 frames-per-second. While screens and bold declarations have brought some...

  • News Flipnote Studio 3D Friends Gallery Disabled in Japan

    Paid service World Gallery remains

    Yesterday we reported that Nintendo had halted the Swapnote / Nintendo Letter Box SpotPass service due to some users utilising it to "exchange offensive material". The direct exchange of photos, and minors actively sharing their friend codes and photos, were both highlighted as issues that drove the decision to...

  • News Nintendo Disables Swapnote's SpotPass Service Due to Online Safety Concerns

    Service was "actively misused"

    The SpotPass service that allows the sending and receiving of drawings and photographs in Swapnote (Nintendo Letter Box in Europe) has been indefinitely disabled. The online service had been used to distribute "offensive material" to minors, Nintendo said. The software - downloadable from the 3DS eShop - is designed...