TodaySun, 17th Dec 2017

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    Review Human: Fall Flat

    A slapstick symphony

    It has been said that the essence of comedy is tragedy plus time. A good-natured pratfall here and there is enough to brighten up anyone's day, but when you play the role of both the audience and the victim of said pratfall, things get a little more complicated. Developer No Brakes has created an experience where...

YesterdaySat, 16th Dec 2017

  • News First 4 Figures Reveals Stunning Shovel Knight Collectibles

    Beautiful, but not cheap

    High-quality collectible maker First 4 Figures has revealed its first statue from the Shovel Knight universe and, as always, it's rather breathtaking to behold. Available in Regular, Exclusive, and Ornate Plate Armor editions - as well as a Combo edition which gives you those second two variants in one package - this new...

  • News Pikachu Gets A Villainous Makeover With These New Secret Team Pokémon Plushies

    Because being bad doesn't mean you can't be cute

    We all know eternal Pokémon mascot Pikachu will forever remain a force for good - including when he hits the big screen with Ryan Reynolds' voice, no less - but that doesn't mean The Pokémon Company can't throw an adorable curve ball in the form of these new bad guy-themed plushies. They're part of...

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