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    Switch eShop

    Review Putty Pals

    A Puzzler Built For Two

    The Nintendo Switch has brought social gaming back to the couch with aplomb. With the ability to literally disconnect two controllers and hand one to a buddy, how could it not? While competitive multiplayer has been the main thrust, cooperative experiences seem to be fewer and far between. Putty Pals is your friendly reminder...

  • News King Oddball is Looking to Rule the Switch eShop Very Soon

    Utter madness

    Certainly one of the crazier concepts for a game we have seen in recent times, King Oddball is set to land on the Switch's eShop with a bang - and there's not long to wait until it does. You take control of a boulder (the King of boulders it would seem) with the aim of using your ridiculously long tongue to lick up other, smaller...

  • News Minecraft-Like Title Battleminerz is Heading to 3DS This Year


    The world has seen a small army of Minecraft clones make their way to gaming consoles - some have been successful, others not so much. Developer Wobbly Tooth Games is the latest to join the trend (for a second time, actually) by bringing Battleminerz to Nintendo 3DS. The game is a sequel to the studio's earlier effort Battleminer (a game...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Party Golf


    The Switch is slowly but surely becoming one of the best available entertainment systems for multiplayer fun. The eShop is positively bursting at the seams with great co-op adventures and games that focus on simple, pick-up-and-play action for multiple players to enjoy. Party Golf is one of the latest titles to jump on board, hoping to...

  • Anniversary It's One Year Since Nintendo Showed Us The Switch

    NX level stuff

    Incredibly, it's now one year since Nintendo lifted the lid on the Switch - and Nintendo Karen. Leaked many months ahead of the official reveal, the hybrid nature of the Switch - then known as "NX" - left some unconvinced. Even the announcement video itself - which focused on the system's ability to t

  • News Zombie Gold Rush is Creeping Onto Switch In Time For Halloween

    Kill zombies, earn cash

    Scrolling through the 'Coming Soon' section of the Switch's eShop can become a rather fun pastime - especially with the amount of games that are bombarding the system at the moment. One such game that has recently appeared in this menu of future delights is Zombie Gold Rush. The game sees you jumping into various cars and...

  • News Fire Emblem Warriors Season Pass DLC Will Include Plenty of Familiar Faces

    Tharja! Azura! Minerva! Owain! More!

    Fire Emblem Warriors is out today on Switch and New 3DS, and we think it's pretty good; for those wondering, we also have a New 3DS version review in the works to go live very soon. There's plenty for players to do in the game, such as the main campaign and 'History' battles, but just like with Hyrule...

  • News Moon Hunters Lands On the Switch eShop Next Week

    Mesopotamian mayhem

    We're really looking forward to playing Kitfox Games' Moon Hunters, which was announced for the Switch eShop last month. It's now been given a release date for next week on 26th October, priced at £9.99 in the UK. We expect the North American release to be on the same day also. In the game you create your own legend in a 1-to-4...

  • Random Don't Forget This Week's Musical Retail Arrival on Wii

    Sing when you're winning

    Ah, the Wii. The little system is now nearly 11 years old and was an outstanding commercial success; it also brought us a wonderful game library with plenty of titles that'll go down as Nintendo classics. Its broad appeal also made it ripe for various so-called 'casual' games, and despite the system being long since...

  • News Get a Good Look at Snipperclips Plus: Cut it out, together!

    Cute cutting

    The original Snipperclips - Cut it out, together! was a major early hit on the Switch eShop; developed by a small UK studio, Nintendo liked the concept enough to buy the IP and publish the game. It led the way in terms of early download-only sales on the store. It wasn't too surprising, then, when the most recent Nintendo...

  • News EA Won't Entirely Rule Out Star Wars Battlefront II Coming To Switch

    "This is something we'll explore if we see opportunities there"

    With Star Wars: The Last Jedi just around the corner the release of Star Wars Battlefront II is well-timed, and we can expect the FPS title to gain plenty of attention, not just for its connection to the wider Star Wars universe but because it's shaping up to be a very impressive title...

  • News Splatoon 2 Update 1.4.1 Is Now Live, And Here's What's Changed

    Fixes weapon issues, mainly

    It's update city this week in the world of Nintendo - yesterday we got updates for the Switch, Joy-Con and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and today everyone's favourite ink-shooting online blaster is getting a refresh. Before you get too excited,

  • News Super Meat Boy Releases on Switch This Year

    Digital release this year, physical likely next year

    One of the most significant indie platformers of the past few years is that of Super Meat Boy, the tough-as-nails game that has frustrated many a gamer over the various platforms that it’s seen release on. Naturally, fans have noted that Super Meat Boy would be a good fit on the Switch and have...

  • News Splasher Will Make Its Mark on the Switch eShop Very Soon


    For those seeking some fast-paced 2D platforming on the Switch eShop, there's a promising option right around the corner. Playdius has confirmed that Splasher has its final release date on the system, launching on 26th October for €14.99 / $14.99USD / £11.99. In the game you use various inks and resources to 'splash' walls and...

  • News Mutation Nation Is Your Next HAMSTER ACA Release on Switch

    No turtles here

    Side scrolling beat' em up fans can rejoice, because when it rains (Wulverblade, Robo Army), it pours. Next week HAMSTER is re-releasing Mutation Nation on the Switch through the ACA series, a tale of mutation and madness set in the now not-too-distant year of 2050. As if we ever really needed any sort of plot to put down some...

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