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  • Video Nintendo Land Will Likely Never Come To Switch, But That's Okay

    Catching up on the Wii U launch title

    The Wii U had a pretty dull launch line-up, all told. There, we said it. Between the likes of New Super Mario Bros. U, ZombiU, and Mass Effect 3, there was a general consensus that while all of these games are undoubtedly good, they didn't exactly set the world on fire and justify the Wii U as a "must-have"...

Monday21st Nov 2022

  • Video Remembering 10 Years Of Wii U

    Looking back on the console's launch and legacy

    The Wii U is now ten years old. Crazy, right? The successor to the WIi launched back in November 2012 to - shall we say - lukewarm reception. Nevertheless, for fans of Nintendo, it remains a quaint and beloved entry to the company's console line-up, introducing the likes of Splatoon, Xenoblade...

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  • Feature Wii U Memories - Our Pre-Launch Thoughts On Nintendo's Charming Misstep

    You Wii-n some, U lose some

    It's the 10th anniversary of the Wii U's North American launch and to mark the occasion we invited erstwhile Nintendo Life editor and all-around thoroughly nice chap Thomas Whitehead to reminisce about the machine, the time he first got his hands on it, and the hot takes he had pre-launch... The Wii U is now 10 years...

  • Guide 50 Best Wii U Games Of All Time

    As ranked by you

    Remember, this ranking is based on each game's User Rating in our games database, and is therefore subject to real-time change even as you read this! If you rated the Wii U games you've played, feel free to do so now and potentially alter the ranking below. Enjoy! Despite our affection for the console, there's no denying that Wii...

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  • News The 3DS And Wii U Are Losing Two More Features Next Month

    Update: Changes to Switch log-ins too

    Update: You will also be unable to link your Facebook or Twitter account to your Nintendo Account, even on Nintendo Switch. Here is the information on what's changing from Nintendo: As of October 25 , 2022, it will no longer be possible to link a Facebook or Twitter account to a Nintendo Account. - This...

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  • News YouTube And Crunchyroll On Wii U Won't Be Available For Much Longer

    Support will end later this year

    It's another nail in the coffin for the Wii U. Nintendo Everything reports that two video apps for the console — YouTube and Crunchyroll — will be ending support later this year. Anime subscription platform Crunchyroll will be discontinued on the Wii U from 29th August — with emails being sent out about the...

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