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  • News New 3DS And Wii U Users Can't Go Online In Games

    Update: This particular issue has reportedly been resolved

    Update [Wed 27th Dec, 2023 05:30 GMT]: Pretendo has provided a new update, confirming the issues occurring were "indeed unintentional". While not all issues have been resolved, it appears new users on both 3DS and Wii U can now connect to servers. "We noted in our last blog post that it...

Saturday25th Nov 2023

  • Feature Why I Still Love My Wii U

    Sticking up for Nintendo's much-maligned console

    This feature is taken from The Console Chronicles, an upcoming book that we're working on in conjunction with Lost in Cult. If you like what you see, you can pre-order a copy using the link below. <products id="24929"> I began eighth grade in September 2014. After my first day of classes, I...

Saturday14th Oct 2023

  • Random One "New" Wii U Was Apparently Sold In The US Last Month

    Who said the system was dead?

    There was reportedly one "new Wii U" sold in the US last month and it was the first time a new Wii U has been sold in this location since May 2022. This sales data comes from Circana (formerly The NPD Group) via industry analyst Mat Piscatella. What does it mean exactly? Not much, but it is admittedly a surprise that...

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