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Wednesday25th Nov 2020

Wednesday18th Nov 2020

  • News The Wii U First Launched Eight Years Ago Today

    Oh you poor, poor thing

    Eight years ago today on the 18th November 2012, Nintendo's Wii U hit the market in North America. Coming off the back of the Wii, Nintendo's most successful home console of all time, hopes were no doubt high for this latest system, but we all know how the story goes from there. With its blocky GamePad controller and HD...

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Thursday10th Sep 2020

  • Anniversary Super Mario Maker Turns 5 Years Old Today

    Mamma mia!

    The original Super Mario Maker is celebrating its fifth anniversary today, after originally launching for the Wii U in Japan on 10th September, 2015. Also appearing in Europe and North America on the following day, Super Mario Maker flipped the Mario platforming franchise on its head by giving players access to a full suite of level...

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  • News YouTube Doesn't Seem To Work In The Wii U Browser Anymore

    Fortunately, the app still works

    Another nail has seemingly been driven into the Wii U's coffin. According to multiple sources, YouTube no longer supports the system's internet browser. For many users, this was the preferred way to view YouTube videos on the system. Now, if you attempt to load a video on YouTube within the Wii U browser, you'll be...

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