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  • News Looking For A Brand New Wii U? That'll Be $800 Please

    How much?

    We may well have just entered 2019, a whole two years since Nintendo's Wii U was officially discontinued, but the console's value has slowly been creeping up in price ever since, now reaching near unfathomable numbers. The story of the Wii U will be well known among the regular readers of Nintendo Life; what once looked like a promising...

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  • News Nintendo Is Closing The Official Wii U Facebook Page This Friday

    Goodbye, old friend

    As of next March, the Switch will have been on the market for two years. Even though this new hybrid device has been available for some time now, Nintendo's kept certain services operational on its existing platform the Wii U. This extends to support and social media pages for the system that originally started out life in 2012...

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