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  • Random HBO Uses Wii U Controller To Promote Streaming App Only On PS4 And Xbox

    They're all the same, right?

    The Wii U - in our eyes, at least - deserved so much better than to be forgotten in a dusty heap in the attic, and today it's been spotted in an advertisement for a major television network. We almost cheered for it, happy to see its grand return, before we realised that the whole thing was just a mistake. The poor thing...

Thursday20th Jun 2019

Tuesday4th Jun 2019

  • News Support For Minecraft: Story Mode Ends On 25th June

    Download it while you still can

    Update: In a statement provided to US Gamer, Mojang said it "no plans" to take over Minecraft: Story Mode from Telltale. A news update over on Minecraft.net has revealed support for Minecraft: Story Mode will end on 25th June 2019. Mojang, on behalf of the now-defunct publisher Telltale Games, explained how both...

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  • News Mario Kart 8 Is Now Five Years Old

    We're ready for a new entry

    Sure, Mario Kart Tour is coming to mobile devices later this year, but right now, we're still technically playing the same Mario Kart game we were on the Wii U five years ago. Yep, on 30th May 2014, Mario Kart 8 was released in North America and Europe on a Nintendo system that was at the time struggling to appeal to the...

Tuesday21st May 2019

  • Random The Internet Predicted The Switch Back In 2005, Kinda

    Fan-made mock-ups were on the money, it seems

    Whenever a major games company teases a new hardware release, it's common to see fan-made mock-ups appear which, despite the lack of any real inside knowledge, give us a glimpse of what could be possible. This is a practice that goes all the way back to the early '90s when crude pencil sketches hinted...

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