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  • Giveaway Get Hold of the Bravely Second: End Layer Prelude Demo Early

    500 codes to giveaway to UK readers

    Bravely Second: End Layer is arriving in Europe on 26th February, but the adventure will start early when a special demo launches on 11th February; this will serve as a prelude to the story and transfer data into the full game. The demo will be titled The Ballad of the Three Cavaliers. For some lucky UK gamers,...

  • News Tales of the Abyss 3DS Confirmed for Europe

    Game gets global green light

    Worried about the Western release chances of the 3DS RPG Tales of the Abyss? Then worry no more friends, for Namco Bandai has confirmed the game will see a global release. The announcement came at the publisher's Level Up conference in Dubai, where VP Olivier Comte had this to say: We were there at the launch of 3DS and...

  • News Independent PC RPG Eternal Eden Heading to 3DS

    RPG Maker title ahoy!

    The DS has taken years to gain its reputation as a heavyweight console for RPG fans, but the 3DS may quicker out of the blocks, with Eternal Eden one of the first announced entries in the genre. A translation of an independent PC game developed using RPG Maker VX, the story revolves around three children who live in a garden...