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    Review RPG Maker Fes

    Unlimited Adventure

    If any modern system can lay claim to the JRPG throne, it’s the 3DS. In the six-or-so years since Nintendo’s little handheld hit the market, aficionados have been treated to all sorts of adventures new and old, from Dragon Quests and Bravely games to Shin Megami Tenseis galore. That sort of library encourages serious RPG...

  • News RPG Maker Fes is Coming to the West in June

    Create and share your own RPG on the Nintendo 3DS!

    RPG Maker Fes, released in Japan last year, will finally launch on the Nintendo 3DS in North America on 27th June and Europe on 23rd June. In February, we had the opportunity to play an early English build and were very impressed by what we played. RPG fans can build, play and share their worlds...

  • Hands On Creating a Quest in RPG Maker Fes


    It's no secret that the 3DS is an RPG paradise, with new entries in both fresh and familiar franchises coming out faster than most fans can keep up with. It's an almost infinite bounty of adventure. But could it be more infinite? Enter RPG Maker Fes. A portable version of the long-running RPG-creation toolkit that lets players...