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  • Video Get a Closer Look at Picross 3D 2 in These New Japanese Commercials

    Doomsday giant puzzles in the sky

    There's a reason we're happily sharing new videos and information on Picross 3D 2 on a regular basis, and that's due to our hope that it'll eventually make its way to the West. A sequel to the popular DS game, it's a budget retail title in Japan but, should it be localised, could be a good candidate for an...

  • News Amazon Offers Neat Picross 3D 2 Demo Promotion in Japan

    'Buy' a free demo, get a discount on the full game

    A little while ago it emerged that Picross 3D 2 is heading to the 3DS in Japan, providing a sequel to the popular DS retail puzzler. Due on 1st October in the country, it'll serve up more 3D puzzles and include amiibo support for extra content. In a neat promotion simply trying out a demo will also...