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  • News Music Album Released On NES Cartridge

    Forget MP3. Forget CD and cassette. And don't even think you're retro by collecting vinyl. Alex Mauer likes to do things a little bit differently.

    Well a lot differently actually - seeing as his latest album Vegavox is seeing a release on a NES cartridge. I'll quit the jibber-jabber and let you see/hear for yourself: Probably the coolest idea ever for an album release and it's available for a mere..

  • News Huge NES Auction Spoilt

    Recently on eBay a job lot of all 670 licensed NES games, with sought after accessories, went for sale. This auction was scheduled to end tomorrow- that is until a few sour grapes decided to spoil things...

    Hijacking auctions is not a new concept, its plagued many legitimate auctions before. What happened in this NES auction was the simply case of a few jealous sellers trying to maximize their own..

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