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  • Guide Best Fire Emblem Games Of All Time

    Fancy a game of Swords-Axes-Lances?

    This is our list of the best games in the Fire Emblem series to release in the West, and now includes Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light. If you disagree with our personal ranking, our reader poll of the best Fire Emblem games might make for an interesting comparison. Enjoy! It might have taken...

  • Guide Game Of The Decade - The Best Games On Nintendo Systems 2010-2019

    The best games of the teens, as ranked by you

    As the 21st century passed from its teens into its twenties, we looked back over the previous ten years in the video game industry. It was quite the rollercoaster journey for Nintendo in particular, riding the highs of the Wii and DS period through the trials of the Wii U and 3DS era right up to the...

  • Feature Best Nintendo 3DS RPGs

    A quest for the best

    As the 3DS's sixth year in the world draws to a close, we can already look back on its impressively varied library with wonder; along with plenty of standout platformers, life sims, rhythm games, and puzzlers, it's also carved out a particular niche by delivering an almost non-stop barrage of first class RPGs. Responsible for...