A Miiverse post for Zombie Brigade: No Brain No Gain wrote, "Better than Meme Run." That's about the nicest thing that can be said about this horrendous title from Cypronia. An endless runner that you will want to end after about five minutes, Zombie Brigade is in the upper echelon of terrible eShop games. And to be clear, that's not a compliment.

In Zombie Brigade, you play as a zombie running through areas representing different parts of the world, starting in Las Vegas. You jump over pits, you double-jump over pits, you collect coins, you jump over barriers, you collect power-ups, you collect other zombies, you fall into pits, start over and repeat. While each level goes on until you die, there are objectives, like running a certain distance or collecting other zombies (which act as extra lives). Not bad so far, right?

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It goes downhill from here.

As you play, a female commentator appears on screen whenever you pick up a power-up, fall into a pit, or break a lamp (the sole interactive aspect of a level). "2, 3, 1, go!" she says before every level. Break a street lamp and she'll scream "don't break the lamp!" Fall into a pit or get killed by a bomb and she'll scream "oh my god, what are you doing?" It's an existential nightmare, to be sure, and there doesn't appear to be any way to turn her off. If you've collected several other zombies and all of them fall into a pit, she'll scream "oh my god, what are you doing?" for each zombie. Considering you can have eight zombies running at once, this gets annoying fast.

The presentation is uniformly poor. You jump with the "X" button, which doesn't feel right. The clip-art zombies have no personality. The backgrounds are low-polygon buildings and sight gags that aren't funny at all. There is a looping music track that plays through the entire game.

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It runs smoothly enough, though it appears to lag a little when there are a lot of zombies on screen. There is multiplayer available, but we can't imagine anyone wanting to play this game for more than a few minutes before regret sets in.


Zombie Brigade is a bad, bad game. It's billed as a parody, but it misses the point entirely. Yes, it's better than Meme Run - we didn't get vertigo while playing this game, for example - but there's just nothing to recommend here. Save your money, save your brain and don't spread this infection any further.