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Those of you that are keen movie buffs will know that Frozen is Disney's latest animated motion picture, and — judging from the enthusiastic critical and commercial reaction — it's fair to say that it has gone down a treat with adults and children alike. Full of lovable characters and boasting a good soundtrack (like all truly classic Disney movies), it's definitely one to watch. As with most big family film releases, there's bound to be a game tie-in somewhere, and in this case we have Frozen: Olaf's Quest — a puzzle-solving adventure featuring the (allegedly) humorous and carefree snowman himself.

With the player's help, Olaf must navigate his way through colourful levels while collecting treasure and avoiding hazards that may block his path. Each level is simplistic in design, making it easily accessible for gamers of all ages. Having saying that, there are trickier stages built for those who desire more of a challenge. The levels themselves can often feel quite short, but collecting the treasure will keep you busy if you want to boast a 3-star completion per stage and pick up all the accessories to customise the snowman protagonist. Thankfully, you're able to see how much loot is available in each stage in case you've missed something along the way and need to turn back and find it.

Disney Frozen: Olaf's Quest Review - Screenshot 1 of

The controls are fairly straightforward, which will make the game perfect for younger, less experienced players. Movement is handled by the Circle Pad or D-Pad, while pressing A to will make Olaf jump; holding A will allow him to glide through the air. Press B and the snowman will chuck his head, providing a small giggle each time you need to collect the treasure from those hard-to-reach areas. The youngsters won't need to worry about a time limit, so they can take their time completing each level. It's also impossible to die, so there'll be no penalisation for not timing a jump properly and landing on some icy spikes.

As you progress, the environment changes and so do the collectibles. A glorious winter wonderland full of snowflakes greets you in the earlier stages, while a summer seasonal change further down the line. Like the film, Olaf's Quest has an appealing soundtrack which will have you tapping and whistling along your journey through the game.

There's not a lot going on in Frozen: Olaf's Quest in terms of a storyline. There's no dialogue and unfortunately no other notable characters from the movie, which might be a shame for fans who were hoping to perhaps catch a glimpse of leads Elsa or Anna. For a character with quite a lot of humour, it's a shame that none of Olaf's comedy is shown through encounters with other individuals or short comical video clips in between stages. Plot-wise, this is something of a missed opportunity, and there's precious little here which connects the game to the movie, besides Olaf himself.


It's obvious that Frozen: Olaf's Quest is aimed towards younger gamers, and it's a decent level entry into the world of platformers. For some it might feel quite short and limited, but collecting each and every treasure will take some time, therefore extending gameplay. Want to keep the kids happy for a while? Not concerned that it has very little connection with the hit movie? Then Frozen: Olaf's Quest isn't a bad option — but don't expect it to be demanding enough to keep adult players entertained.