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Thursday9th Jan 2020

  • Watch Pokémon Direct January 2020 - Live!

    20 mins of juicy info!

    So, here we are. The first Nintendo Direct of 2020 has arrived in the form of a special Pokémon presentation, and while it might not be what many of us were expecting, it should hopefully give fans of the franchise something to shout about. We imagine we could see a full reveal for Pokémon Home in the "roughly 20 minute"...

Wednesday8th Jan 2020

Tuesday7th Jan 2020

  • News Pokémon Direct To Air Thursday, 9th January

    That wasn't what we were expecting...

    Nintendo has revealed that a brand new Pokémon Direct will air on Thursday, 9th January. We bet that wasn't the Direct you were expecting! It will apparently feature "roughly 20 minutes of new Pokémon information" in a livestreamed presentation. No further information on the show's contents have been...

Wednesday16th Oct 2019

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Tuesday3rd Sep 2019

  • News Nintendo Direct Confirmed For Tomorrow, 4th September

    It's official!

    Nintendo has revealed that there will be a Nintendo Direct presentation airing tomorrow, 4th September. It will feature "roughly 40 minutes" of information which will focus on Nintendo Switch games coming in 2019. You can see the announcement for yourself below; it'll be taking place at 3pm PT / 6pm ET (so that's 11pm BST / midnight...

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  • Reminder Pokémon Direct To Air Tomorrow, 5th June

    Here are all the times you need

    Just in case you'd somehow forgotten, here's your friendly reminder that a Pokémon Direct is set to air tomorrow, Wednesday 5th June. The Direct will focus on the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield games for Nintendo Switch and will feature "roughly 15 minutes of new information" for us to devour with giddy...

Monday3rd Jun 2019