Perfect Dark
Image: Rare

Switch Online's N64 library didn't get off to the best start, with select games like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time filled with a bunch of emulation issues. Nintendo rolled out updates for the app in response to this and since then the situation has somewhat improved.

Unfortunately, it seems one of the latest releases for the service is reportedly in a rough state at launch. The Switch Online emulation of Rare's famous first-person shooter Perfect Dark supposedly has a whole range of "problems", according to well-known GoldenEye 007 enthusiast 'Graslu00', who previously lifted the lid on the cancelled Xbox 360 title.

There is apparently a range of issues tied to textures, lighting, performance and frame rate, online play, and even control problems such as input delay, sensitivity issues and aiming:

"I probably forgot something... But yeah there's no point in playing this version, it's the worst. It's like playing on a 2007 emulator. Do yourself a favour and play the PC version instead"

Other GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark enthusiasts such as 'TH126' have also encountered some of these problems:

Based on Nintendo's track record with its NSO service, it normally follows up popular releases like this with an application update to sort out any bugs or glitches. Perfect Dark's launch on the Switch Online service also marks the release of the "mature" version of the N64 app, which you can download now on the Switch eShop.

How has your own experience been with the Switch Online version of Perfect Dark? Let us know in the comments.