Victory Heat Rally has been a long time coming but the indie title published by Playtonic Friends has finally locked in a Switch eShop release date. It will be speeding onto Nintendo's hybrid system at some point in "winter 2024". The exact date will apparently be shared "very soon".

As previously mentioned, this game is a retro-style racer recreating 'SuperScaler' visuals and "harkening back the age of Power Drift, OutRun and Ridge Racer. It's also filled with plenty of colourful cartoon designs. Here's some PR and screenshots:

Power slide at breakneck speeds through a dynamic & vibrant 2.5D world, brought to life with pixel perfect visuals. Crank up the volume with a soundtrack featuring banging beats, scorching guitar solos & high octane energy that really bring the heat to Victory Heat Rally.

Select your star driver and become one with your machine. Challenge yourself & friends-turned-rivals across a variety of game modes. Experience the high speed action and non-stop drifting thrills either solo or in up to 4-player split screen.

SELECT YOUR SUPERSTAR – With 12 super-star drivers & their machines to choose from, who will you blaze a path to victory with?

SOLO OR AGAINST FRIENDS – Go for the gold in the extensive single player championship, jump in for a quick-fire Arcade Grand Prix, race against up to 3 friends, or take on the time trial mode and set some new world records.

WORLD TOUR – Victory Heat Rally features dozens of stages across 12 unique environments. From the sun-drenched beaches of Baytona Beach to the glacial tundras of Frostbite Harbor, you’ll be breaking speed limits across the globe.

STYLE MEETS PERFORMANCE – Express your personal style with exchangeable performance parts & paint jobs, assemble a ride that feels your own!

Will you be taking to the track when this one arrives on Switch? Let us know in the comments.