LoZ: Echoes of Wisdom 3
Image: Nintendo

In what might be the biggest surprise of the latest Nintendo Direct, the firm revealed The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom, a new 'classic' style Zelda game in which you take on the role of the titular princess herself after Link disappears.

Utilising the art style from the Link's Awakening Switch remake, Echoes of Wisdom looks stunning, so to highlight this further, we've presented a whole bunch of screenshots from the game right here for you to peruse at your leisure.

A Rift in Time

At the beginning of the trailer, Link is swallowed up by a rift, but not before freeing Zelda. These rifst are the cause of all the problems in Hyrule this time around, but who is controlling them? And What are they for? We'll find out when we head out on our adventures.

Tri it out

Zelda won't use a sword in her starring role. Instead, she befriends the fairy Tri and acquires the Tri Rod. This Rod allows the princess to create an 'echo' of many objects dotted around Hyrule. We get to see the adorable Zelda do this with a table and use it to climb up the side of the ledge.

Boxes, beds, tables, and more, Zelda will be magicking her way around the kingdom using good-ol' furniture. But it's not just about items — we also see that Zelda can recreate trees and even blocks of water. So we imagine you'll be able to get pretty creative.

Let's get Gerudo

We saw a few different areas that will look familiar to Zelda fans, but the Gerudo desert and town stood out to us.

While we only got a glimpse of the latter, we did see Zelda navigating some sand blasts using her Tri rod. Boxes aren't as useful here, but potted plants? The perfect distraction.

The Gerudo tribe look equally cute in miniature form as well. Koholint Island was a joy, so using the same art style for Hyrule has us eager to find absolutely everything.

LoZ: Echoes of Wisdom 15
Image: Nintendo


Zelda can use the rod to attack enemies, but that's not the only thing she can use it for. Yep, you can create echoes of enemies, too.

When you do this, you can summon the enemies you've captured to do your bidding for you. Why would Zelda need to get her hands dirty when she has monsters to help out?


Aonuma-san was keen to tell us during the Direct that there will be multiple solutions to puzzles, and that every player will experience something different.

We saw Zelda work her way through a few different solutions, all using a variety of echoes ranging from ReDeads, beds, Skulltulas, and plenty more.

Monster Mash

Is it really a Zelda game without all of those iconic enemies?

We've already mentioned a few of them throughout this gallery, but just look at the little guys! We've got the Deku-Baba, ReDeads, Skulltulas, birds, fish... you name it, it's probably going to be here.

LoZ: Echoes of Wisdom 27
Image: Nintendo

That's what we have for now! We never expected a brand new Zelda game in this art style, and it looks absolutely beautiful. We don't have to wait long to get our hands on the game, either, as it's launching on Switch on 26th September 2024.

What are your thoughts on Zelda's starring role? What bosses do you want to see in this art style? Let us know in the comments.