Hot off Minecraft's 15th anniversary celebrations, Mojang has unveiled a collaboration with the famous puzzle game Tetris in the form of a new add-on. The good news is it's available now!

Here's a bit about this new add-on which is available now on the Minecraft Marketplace (via

"In true Tetris fashion, this add-on pack by Jigarbov will have the iconic blocky shapes known as Tetriminos falling from the sky in any existing or new world you apply it to. But you won’t need to worry about clearing any lines yet! The Tetriminos will only start appearing when you’ve powered up the Tetrimino Generator – which you certainly want to! These blocks hold all kinds of valuable, new resources and items inspired by the nostalgic gameplay features in Tetris. Just be careful when mining the Tetriminos, because sometimes they also spawn hostile mobs called Tetrimonsters..."

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