As part of the 15th anniversary Minecraft celebrations, Mojang has confirmed the release date of the next major update 'Tricky Trials' will be 13th June 2024.

So, yeah - that's just "a few short weeks" from when this update will roll out in both the Java Edition and Bedrock Edition of the game. In case you've not kept up with the coverage so far, the Trial Chambers are a new structure filled with traps, tricks and treasures you can solo or play with friends.

Two new hostile mobs "the breeze and the bogged" are also being added in this update, as well as a new block known as the vault - rewarding players with all sorts of loot in exchange for a trial key. The new trial feature will also be part of a "larger" opt-in challenge system also including village raids.

Mojang is also adding even more new blocks and weapons (including the Mace and Wind Charge enchantment). And to top it off, 20 new paintings are joining the game in this update.

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