Minecraft Netflix
Image: Nintendo Life

In one of the least surprising project announcements we've seen in a while, Netflix has today revealed that an animated Minecraft series is in the works.

We know that Mojang Studios will be teaming up with the streaming giant on the series (no surprises there), but that's just about all that we know. According to Variety, the show “will feature an original story with new characters, showing the world of ‘Minecraft’ in a new light” and Sonic Prime animation studio WildBrain will be tacking CG duties here too.

Let's admit it, the only thing shocking about this reveal is how long it has taken to become a reality. Hey, maybe the script has been years in the making and the show's a work of genius. Hmm, we'll see.

With this and the upcoming live-action movie starring Jason Mamoa and Jack Black, it feels like we might have something of a Minecraft renaissance on our hands (pfft, as if it ever went away). What's next? A stage play? A poetry anthology? A spoken-word album? We're listening...

What do you want to see from Netflix's animated Minecraft series? Let us know in the comments.

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