Clock Tower
Image: Limited Run Games / WayFoward

It's been a fair while since we received some concrete news regarding WayForward's enhanced port of Clock Tower for the Switch, but we've just received confirmation that the game will receive two gorgeous physical editions via Limited Run Games.

With pre-orders opening on 31st May 2024 and closing on 30th June 2024, fans will have roughly one month to secure either a Standard Edition of the game or a Collector's Edition. The estimated shipping date is between 11th October - 11th November 2024, but for those who might be opting for a digital copy, it might be best to wait for confirmation from WayForward itself on its release date.

As for what you'll actually be getting with each version, the Standard Edition ($34.99) comes with a copy of the game on a region-free physical cartridge along with a basic Switch box. Meanwhile, the chunky Collector's Edition ($124.99) comes with the aforementioned box and cartridge, a collector's box, a soundtrack, a double-sided poster, acrylic standees, a 'Dan Barrows' stressball, a ham object enamel pin, a demon idol keychain, and a sticker sheet. Phew!

Meanwhile, here's a reminder of the game's key features:

- The survival-horror classic, Clock Tower, officially translated and brought out of Japan for the first time
- Choose from original mode or enhanced mode, which features numerous gameplay additions and quality-of-life refinements
- Run, hide, and survive as you attempt to evade the psychotic Scissorman
- Atmospheric 2D art, detailed animations, and haunting sound effects augment the tense point-and-click gameplay
- Multiple endings and randomized gameplay elements maximize replayability
- New animated opening, motion-comic cutscenes, and vocal theme song performed by Mary McGlynn
- Featuring an art gallery, music player, behind-the-scenes creator interview, save states, and other modern inclusions

It's worth keeping in mind, of course, that the original SNES game was officially only launched in Japan, so its treatment from WayForward on the Switch might well be worth checking out if you're a fan of horror games.

We'll have more details on the game's firm release date as soon as we hear.

Will you be grabbing the physical edition of Clock Tower from Limited Run, or are you happy with a digital edition? Let us know with a comment.