Shadow the Hedgehog
Image: SEGA

Ahead of the release of Sonic X Shadow Generations later this year, Sega has announced a new animated short officially titled "Dark Beginnings" starring Shadow the Hedgehog.

Alongside this, Sega shared some new artwork, mentioning how the series will shed light on the "ultimate life form". More about this new short will be revealed at the upcoming Anime Expo panel, which takes place on 6th July 2024.

As noted in the same announcement, Sonic Team's Creative Officer Takashi Iizuka will be on this panel. Also in attendance will be the Shadow voice actor Kirk Thornton and the new Maria Robotnik voice Stephanie Sheh. Sonic writer Ian Flynn appears to have confirmed his involvement as well.

In some related news, new artwork for the upcoming game release appears to have surfaced on SteamDB:

When more is revealed about this new animated short, we'll let you know.