If you cast your mind back to the hazy days of 2021, you might remember the reveal of The Garden Path, a super cute-looking sim that flew past its Kickstarter goal and was quickly announced for Switch. Well, after a whopping seven years of development, solo dev carrotcake and publisher Mooncat Games have announced that this bud will be ready to bloom on 30th July.

The Garden Path is all about the little things. This is a game designed to be played in short bursts, where strolling around your garden, meeting new friends and getting lost in distractions are all that you need to worry about.

The gardening itself takes place in real time and there's a super cute storybook-style visual aesthetic that keeps things just as calming as you'd hope.

You can find some more information on the game's features and get a closer look at the gorgeous visuals below.

- Designed with short play sessions in mind; enjoy 10-30 minutes of daily errands, visitors, and more to explore, with real-time progression even when you’re away.
- Cultivate plants, whistle to charm song-fish, design your home, and help your new friends — play your way, and focus on what you enjoy.
- Meet an endearing troupe of travellers who will come and go, and a playful cast of vegetable-headed residents each with their own stories to tell.
- Piece together a whimsical history as you discover the secrets of the Garden.
- Lush illustrated visuals and a twinkling day/night soundtrack to complete your stay.
- Invite another to join you in local co-op mode and nurture your garden together

We were lucky enough to talk to the game's solo developer (and composer), Louis Durrant, back in 2021 about the unlikely influences on The Garden Path's score. You can find our full chat below in preparation for the game's release in two months' time.

Are you excited to see this one finally sprout from the ground? Let us know in the comments.