Celeste 64
Image: via '@CococonutGun' on X / Maddy Makes Games

You know how Celeste is currently celebrating its 6th anniversary and the official social media account said it was cooking up something small but cool? Well, it's now been officially revealed as Celeste 64: Fragments of the Mountain.

It's a computer game that allows fans to "relive the magic of Celeste Mountain" alongside Madeline in a small, heartful 3D platformer. This game was created in about a week and draws inspiration from the Nintendo 64 generation and early 3D era of platformers.

As highlighted by IGN, this isn't actually the first time Celeste has been reimagined. The developers previously transformed the game into a semi-sequel for Pico-8 (a virtual machine recreating 8-bit computer systems).

If you do decide to download Celeste 64: Fragments of the Mountain, you'll apparently be treated to some dialogue which takes place after the original game, making it somewhat of a follow up to the original game. And as much as we would love to play this one on the Switch, it's only available on the PC right now. However, it is a free download on itch.io.

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