WayForward took to today's Indie World Showcase to reveal that a lost chapter of the Shantae series, Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution, will be hair-whipping its way onto Switch in 2024.

This one was originally in development for the Game Boy Advance back in 2001 before being shelved, but now WayForward has brought back the original team to fill in the gaps in Shantae's story. We heard of this revival back in July, but today is the first confirmation of a Switch version — which, of course, we love to see.

Risky Revolution will see you making your way through multilayered levels, jumping from foreground to background as you hair-whip and dance your way past hoards of monsters in an attempt to take out the evil pirate Risky Boots. There is even a four-player battle mode included so you can bring those link cable memories with you into the modern day.

For a little more information about the game itself, check out the following from WayForward.

The lost Shantae adventure, Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution, is back in development after 20 years and coming to Nintendo Switch! Join Shantae as she turns the tables on nefarious pirate Risky Boots by rearranging the landscape and swapping between mix-and-match multilayered levels, then hair-whip and belly-dance your way through scrambled lands, misplaced towns, monster-filled crypts, and daunting labyrinths. Plus: 4-player versus mode!

We still don't have a precise release date for this one just yet outside of sometime next year, but we will be keeping an eye out and will update you as soon as we hear any more information.

Are you excited to see this lost GBA sequel come back to life on Switch? Dance your way down to the comments and let us know.