Call of Duty
Image: Nintendo Life

After a lot of courtroom drama, Microsoft last week announced it had officially acquired Activision Blizzard as well as mobile giant King. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has now appeared on the Official Xbox Podcast to discuss the acquisition and Call of Duty has once again come up in conversation.

Phil took a moment to clarify players on all platforms will be part of the "Call of Duty nation" going forward and that Xbox would not be locking certain exclusive content to its own platforms. It also strives for parity in terms of the "launch and content" across all systems:

"For Call of Duty players on PlayStation, and in the future, on Nintendo, I want you to feel 100% part of the community, I don't want you to feel like there's content you're missing out, there's skins you're missing out, there's timing that you're missing out on, that's not the goal, the goal is 100% parity across all platforms as much as we can for launch and content.

"I say as much as we can on parity because clearly, some platforms have resolution and frame rate differences just based on performance, but there's nothing else, we have no goal of somehow trying to use Call of Duty to get you to buy an Xbox console. So I want the Call of Duty nation to feel supported across all platforms."

Spencer went on to mention how Xbox has obviously been restricted from certain Call of Duty content (and even betas) in the past, and admits it doesn't help the community or game:

"We've been on the other side of some of those skins and times, even this beta wasn't on Xbox the first week, I just, I don't think that helps the community, I don't think that helps the game...if you're a Nintendo player... I want you to feel like 100% part of the Call of Duty Nation."

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